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How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers. One of the AMU tests that require appropriate study planning to pass is the MBA admission exam. AMU offers a combined MBA, MBA (IB), and MBA admissions test (Islamic Banking & Finance). All of these courses are provided by the faculty of management studies and research.

Any graduate student with general eligibility can apply for the MBA course because it is one of the crucial job-oriented courses. Because of the high level of competition, candidates must have a well-thought-out preparation strategy in order to pass the AMU MBA admission exam.

Below are some helpful Steps and Advice that can aid in your Preparation.

  • Understand the syllabus in full.
    Recognize the exam format and scoring system.
  • Get books about Basic Preparation.
  • Make a weekly and monthly schedule. creates brief,
  • important notes and regularly updates them.
  • Look through the test questions from prior years.
  • Give sample papers and mock tests.
  • Several preparations and reference books.

1. Know the Syllabus in detail AMU MBA Entrance Papers

Knowing the exam’s syllabus is the first step to passing any AMU Entrance Exam. You must comprehend every subject covered in the syllabus. If you are familiar with the syllabus, you will be able to determine what to study, how much to read, and how much time you have left before a test.

The AMU MBA entrance exam syllabus is broken down into five sections with an approximative weighting:

Environmental sensitivity (25%):

The characteristics of the Indian economy, the fundamental economic indicators, the industrial, trade, fiscal, budgetary, and monetary policies, the operation of the Indian banking system, awareness of the corporate sector, trade between India and other countries, economic agreements, modifications to the political, technological, and cultural environments, and current events.

Quantitative and numerical ability (25%): percentages, ratios, proportions, time and distance, relative speed, time and work, interest, stocks, shares, and discounts; rules of divisibility; HCF and LCM; power, exponents, and roots; algebraic equations; elementary geometry; circles, tangent to the circle; and so forth; linear and quadratic equations; basic trigonometry; and coordinate How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

Understanding and verbal skills (20%):

Reading comprehension at the sentence and paragraph levels, spotting errors in grammar and use, word choice, synonyms and antonyms, word pairings, analogies, sentence structure and construction, active and passive voice, prepositions, sentence completion, etc.

Reasoning and Intelligence (15%): This category includes verbal reasoning, verbal analogy, letter and number sequences, coding and decoding, logical diagrams, syllogism, and other concepts.

Sets – Union and intersection, frequency and class intervals, cumulative frequencies, and various types of graphic diagrams used in interpretation, as well as the fundamentals of probability and permutation and combination. Data analysis and interpretation.

The following link will take you to a complete syllabus for every AMU M.B.A. entrance exam.

2. Recognize the Exam Pattern and Scoring Procedure.

You must comprehend the AMU MBA Entrance Exam Exam Pattern after learning the material. This will assist you in getting a sense of the exam’s general structure. The following elements will make up the Total Merit:

  • Test Written: 100 Marks
  1. 25 Marks for Environmental Awareness
  2. 25 Marks for numerical and quantitative proficiency
  • 20 Marks each for verbal and comprehension skills
  1. Intelligence and Reasoning: 15 Marks
  2. 15 Marks for Data Interpretation and Analysis
  • 25 Marks for the Interview/Group Discussion.

Additionally, candidates must be familiar with exam marking procedures, which means they must understand how admission exams are graded. Aspirants should be familiar with the answers to a few fundamental questions:

How many points are there in a question?

Which subjects carry a maximum or minimum weight in terms of marks?

What criteria might be used for selection?

The candidates will benefit from better preparation and time management. By clicking on the following link, you may obtain the exam format and scoring breakdown for all AMU MBA Entrance Exams.

3. Get Basic Preparation books (How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers)

You must carefully choose your study materials if you want to succeed in the AMU M.B.A. Entrance Exam. Your chances of selection will decline if you don’t accomplish this. To prepare for the AMU entrance exam, aspirants should develop a list of some basic textbooks (from their past classes). Studying NCERT textbooks, which are utilized in AMU academics, should be the first step in candidates’ preparation.

A candidate can begin preparation books or manuals once they have finished the NCERTs and Basic Textbooks of their preceding classes. According to the applied courses, aspirants are encouraged to buy at least one or two preparation books or guides for the AMU MBA Entrance Exams. It is suggested that students refrain from reading many books, particularly too many references or how-to books. The article’s conclusion mentions a few significant novels. How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

4 Create a Monthly and Weekly Time-table

A candidate can begin preparation books or manuals once they have finished the NCERTs and Basic Textbooks of their preceding classes. According to the applied courses, aspirants are encouraged to buy at least one or two preparation books or guides for the AMU MBA Entrance Exams. It is suggested that students refrain from reading many books, particularly too many reference or how-to books. The article’s conclusion mentions a few significant novels.

As the candidate must maintain a balance between his studies and other obligations, a proper and effective timetable is highly beneficial. There should be intervals between long periods of nonstop study. The “50/10 or 25/5 – Rule” can be used (50 or 25 mins for study and 10 or 5 mins of break). You must divide your time between your areas of strength and weakness. There should be designated times for eating, sleeping, and studying. How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

The syllabus of the applied course should be completed during a specific time slot, according to the advice given to students to make a daily plan and schedule. Review the course material and curriculum, practice as many questions as possible, take mock exams, and work on previous year’s papers for better preparation, and allocate your time properly to each of these preparation activities.

5. Makes brief but Crucial Notes, and often Updates them.

Students should make or compile brief and clear notes of the relevant humanities subjects that will be asked in entrance exams while studying basic texts from prior classes or NCERT textbooks. Create simple notes by creating flow charts, diagrams, tables, posters, and other visual aids. Stick them anywhere you can, and review them at least twice a day, preferably just before bed.

Your schedule should include a dedicated revision session of one to three hours. Iterative revision is a process. Even if you believe you have prepared a topic, chapter, or subject correctly, you won’t be able to remember it unless you repeatedly review it. It will enable you to become an expert in that particular field. Instead, students can improve their review by completing practice questions from textbooks on the subject. How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

This will assist the students in comprehending the ideas they recently studied. For their preparation for the AMU M.B.A. Entrance Exams, the students might use notes that are simple to understand.

6. Go through the Previous Year's Question papers

Preparing last year’s papers is the next step to becoming eligible to take the AMU M.B.A. Entrance Exams. Candidates must review the question papers from the previous year both while writing notes and after (At least 5 years). Discover the formula for answering questions. Only consistent practice will make this possible.

Practice tests from previous years’ exams are the best way to learn the frames and traps for the AMU MBA Entrance Exams. Additionally, you’ll get a sense of how much time you have to complete the entire paper, the types of questions that might be asked, and how to approach them. How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

You can get the greatest impression of the difficulty of the AMU admission tests by completing the previous year’s papers. Candidates should study and practice all of the questions from last year’s exams. The last three years’ worth of AMU M.B.A. prior year exam questions are all available on our website. By clicking here, you can download these papers.

7. Give Mock Tests & Sample Papers (How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers)

The following step is to administer practice exams and practice papers. You can purchase entrance sample papers for the relevant course from any bookseller, or you can enroll in a regular test series (online/coaching) and take practice exams at home or in the coaching environment. The key advantage of administering practice exams is that candidates can evaluate their performance in the actual test. They can review their errors, the amount of time spent on each question, the exam’s section or overall, and suggestions for improvement.

Within a set time limit, students should attempt to complete practice exams or sample papers. The common error made by most candidates is that they never go over the problems they have already resolved. Try to identify the questions or subjects on a mock test that you have trouble with and the ones that you can solve quickly. While completing the practice papers, exercise smart planning. Solve 50 percent of the problems on the paper that are of low difficulty first. Avoid answering the questions you find difficult or challenging in a row. How to Crack AMU MBA Entrance Papers

8. Few references books & preparation guides

  • R.S. Agarwal’s book Quantitative Aptitude
  • How to Pass the Jaikishan and Premkishan Reasoning Test
  • Norman Lewis’ book Word Power Made Simple,
  • Meenakshi’s guide to verbal ability and reading comprehension practice for the CAT
  • Arihant Basic Information
  • General Lucent Knowledge

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