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AMU Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Syllabus Download Entrance Papers and Syllabus

You can now download the AMU Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Syllabus Entrance Papers from our website, together with the semester-by-semester syllabus for each course. The Entrance Papers are now free to download. Additionally, you can locate the Amu Subjects Notes, which requires a subscription.

AMU’s Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (B.A.) program offers a variety of courses, including:

BA Philosophy, BA Linguistics An undergraduate degree in Persian, Communicative English, Political Science, Education, Psychology, Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography, Sociology, English, Arabic, Economics, and many other fields.

Download – AMU Bachelor of Arts & Social Science Entrance Papers



BA -2015-2016 



Download- AMU Bachelor of Arts & Social Science Subjects Syllabus

AMU B.A Lingucs Syllabusstcs Syllabussti download

AMU BA Philoso phySyllabus 

AMU B.A Persian Syllabus

AMU B.A Communicative English Syllabus

AMU B.A Political Science Syllabus

AMU B.A Education Syllabus

AMU B.A Psychology Syllabus

AMU B.A History Syllabus

AMU B.A Psychology (Practical) Syllabus

AMU B.A Hindi Syllabus

AMU B.A subsidiary English Syllabus

AMU B.A Sanskrit Syllabus

AMU B.A Geography Syllabus

AMU Compulsory English Syllabsu

AMU B.A Sociology Syllabus

AMU B.A English Syllabus

 AMU B.A Arabic Syllabus

AMU B.A Economics Syllabus

AMU B.A. Western Asian Studies (subsidiary) Syllabus

AMU B.A. (Hons.) Shia Theology Syllabus

AMU B.A (Sunni Theology) Syllabus

AMU Shia Theology (Subsidiary subject) Syllabus