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AMU Annual Flower Show Exhibition Celebrating #G20 Summit 2023

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AMU Previous Year Entrance Exam Sample Paper Books and Guide

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AMU Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Syllabus Download Entrance Papers and Syllabus

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You can now download the AMU Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Syllabus Entrance Papers from our website, together with the semester-by-semester syllabus for each course. The Entrance Papers are now free to download. Additionally, you can locate the Amu Subjects Notes, which requires a subscription.

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AMU’s Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (B.A.) program offers a variety of courses, including:

BA Philosophy, BA Linguistics An undergraduate degree in Persian, Communicative English, Political Science, Education, Psychology, Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography, Sociology, English, Arabic, Economics, and many other fields.

Download – AMU Bachelor of Arts & Social Science Entrance Papers


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BA -2015-2016 


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Download- AMU Bachelor of Arts & Social Science Subjects Syllabus

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