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CCSU BSC New Syllabus Books

CCSU BSC New Syllabus Books. new syllabus National Education Policy Earlier, in BSc  there used to be paper once in a year. We used to give the paper only once but now the exam pattern has changed. Now after the new education policy comes, I will have to give the paper twice in a year, after every six months the paper will be there but the result will come only once in the year.

CCSU BSC New Syllabus Books

Benefits of BSC Student New Education policy

Before, when a student used to do BSc, then only if he completed all three years, he would get the benefit of a B.Sc. And if a student left BSc after one year, then he did not get any benefit for that one year. Even if he did two years, he would not get any benefit. But ever since the National Education Policy has come. If a student leaves the first year of B.Sc. So he will get the certificate of BSc which was not available earlier. If a student leaves after completing the second year, then he will get a BSc diploma which was not available earlier. If a student finalizes B.Sc. BSc, then he will get the degree which he used to get earlier also. But first I did not get certificate in first year and diploma in second year.

All three year define six semester

Books of Physics

First year

Semester 1

Mathematical Physics & Newtonian Mechanics

Semester 2

Thermal Physics & Semi Conductor Devices

Second year

Semester 3

Electromagnetic Theory & Modern Physics

Semester 4

Perspectives of Modern Physics & Basic Electronics

Final Year

Semester 5

Classical Mechanics & Statistical Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy

Semester 6

Solid State & Nuclear Physics

Analog and Digital Principal & applications

And more Subjects new syllabus books coming soon